We are beginning to compile a list of all the people who have worked in the gardens over the last 45 years. As you can imagine, this is quite a task as we spend more of our time in the garden and not on the computer. If you don’t see your name here please let us know, we have not forgotten YOU, we just forgot to log it in to this site! If you can help us fill in the names we are missing, we would be grateful!
We would also like this area of the site to become a directory through which Camp Joy alumni can find each other. If you would like to send us an update on who you are and what you’re doing, we will post it here. We’d love to hear from you! Since you’re already on-line, why not send us an email?
1971 Beth Nelson, Jim Nelson, Leifin was born!,





1976 Beth Nelson, Jim Nelson, Towhee was born!


Beth Benjamin Nelson, Jim Nelson, Leifin and Towhee Nelson, Bob Grunnet, Toby and Kathy Pollock, Mary Burke, John Stanley, Tim, Rose, Jesse, Manipi and Chandra Kilburn, John Dundas, DRF/AID volunteers – Michael Chapman, Maria, Bob Kull, Tom and Elinor, Kimball Hamerel, Maitreya

Nelsons, Bob Grunnet, Debra Pintel, Dave Packer, Mason, Vollmer, Allee and Ben Jay, Beth Ryan, Ross Lander, Michael Pawlicki, Kristin Morris, Sharon de Kaadt, Barbara, Dan, Ken and Mary Jo, John Argue, Jan Lewis, Beth Harris, Marty Barclay

Nelsons, Bob Grunnet, Esteban Picos, Kim, David and Mette Okrant, Elizabeth Coss and Caitlin Coss-Shay, Howard and Susie Gray, Eva Johanson, Diane Nixon, Alexandra Romanoff, Lisa

Nelsons, Bob Grunnet, Mary Buckley, Tim Buckner and Jessica, Michael Bowler, Joseph Gaglione, Ward and Anne Cheney, Lauren Linowitz, Lynne Barringer, Pam Behrendt, Saravahara, Herb James, Jeanne Marie and Claire Morelli

Nelsons, Bob Grunnet, Berni and Gudrun from Germany, John Steinberg, Evy, Caitlin Bean, Margaret, Leslie Weideman, Big Rick, Carlos



Nelsons, Mark Du Pont, Stuart Dixon, Monika, Emma Farmer, Rick Woods

Mark Du Pont, Ken, Rick Woods, Elke, Claudia, Teri Chanturai, Kate Purcell, Kate Gluck, Yeti, Tory Riley, Andrea Curtis

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Yeti, Andrea Curtis, Tory Riley, Eron Ersch, Wendy Krupnick, Mark Du Pont

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Lynn Wunderlich, Robin Kipke, Lang Kinzie, Mark Du Pont

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, George Whitehouse, Neal Latt, Gerry Cohn, Oden family, Kerith Edwards

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, George Whitehouse, Neal Latt, Lynn Strasburg, Jaffe, Jenny Polokov, Max Hoff, Hannah Duveneck

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Mark Du Pont, Leslie Wiedmann, Anita, Blythe Reese, Jenny Polokov, Nicolai, Carol Trasatto, Hannah Duveneck

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Carol Trasatto, Hannah Duveneck, Jenny Polokov, Josh, Lang Kinzie, Debbie Alba

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Yeti, Margo Schaal, Keneza Schaal, Celina Lyons, Lang Kinzie, Tiona Gundy, Josh

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Margo Schaal, Yeti, Tiona Gundy, Kaneza Schaal, Terry-Anne, Thomas.

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Yeti, Margo Schaal, Kaneza Schaal, Erin Barnett, Skye Ogden, Brian Kerins, Lillith Anderton

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Joe Cannon, Reina Smoley, Erin Barnett, Emily Morris, Levon, Krista, Jessie Schmidt, Colin Khory, Jesse.

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Ed Muniak, Andrew Merris, Hunter Toran, Erin Barnett, Robin Denega, Cindy Clark, Towhee Nelson, Jamie Hogan, Leah

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Ed Muniak, Tina Ghantous, Andrew Merris, Hunter Toran, Mary Niles, Laura Welsh, Stella Adelman, Rebecca Armell

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Ed Muniak, Andrew Merris, Rami Aboromania, Kim Wallace, Jen Carrah, Marcia Connely, Heather, Caroline and Gareth

Jim Nelson, Teri Chanturai, Robert Black, Leifin Nelson, Jen Carrah, Ed Muniak, Akiko Minami, Chris Menge, Marcia Connely, Kim Wallace






2006 Jen Griffith, Ashley Currin, Leila Melbourne, Chris Menge, Kim Wallace, Jessie Beckett, Web Pedrick, Abbey Bell, Brian Bailey, Hiroko Tojo

2007 Abbey Bell, Collie Collen, Web Pedrick, Kevin Haas, Maggi Aaronson, Kira Krumhansl, Ashley Currin, Kim Wallace, Chris Menge

2008 Lauren Bonn, Jessie Spain, Kim Wallace, Chris Menge, Ed Russell, Emily Pfeiffer, Leila Melbourne, Maggi Aaronson

2009 Kim Wallace, Chris Menge, Summer Young, Kristie Karlof, Shasta Wallace, Vanessa Wehner

2010 Kristie Karlof, Summer Young, Kim Wallace, Chris Menge, Robert Dubois, Shasta Wallace, Vanessa Wehner, Ivo Mehmedovic, Sharee, Mika, Whitney Pollack, Rachel Nevins, Robert Dubois

2011 Kristie Karlof, Summer Young, Kim Wallace, Chris Menge, Robert Dubois,

2012 Maya McNeil, Stephan Garaffo, Sally Neas, Robert Dubois, Lindsay Andrews

2013 Donny Lavezzo, Emily Eder, Maya McNeil

2014 Elijah Emerson, Emily Eder, Deanna Duffy, Donny Lavezzo, Maya McNeil

2015 Elijah Emerson, Alex Miller, Rose Destefano, Julie Olson