Camp Joy is a small non-profit organic farm operated for educational purposes. The 4.5 acre clearing is located in a residential neighborhood surrounded by redwood forest just outside of Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


The farm was founded in 1971 as a place to learn and practice a diversified, restorative agriculture, which combines beauty, productivity, and ecological health. It was developed by many years of hard work, resourcefulness and key donations from individuals.

The seed of inspiration for Camp Joy came through the work of Alan Chadwick. The farm is characterized by intensive culture, hand labor, raised beds and a garden design that is artistic and bio-dynamic in nature. We grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit as well as keep bees and goats.


The farm supports itself through educational programs and direct marketing of our speciality grown crops. Our primary market is a specific niche in our community. In the past this was through a program called a Community Supported Agricultural but has also included directly to local markets and restaurants.

Annual Wreath Sale

We have also, for 4o years, held a season end event where we sell many beautifully made products straight from the farm and we use each season to focus on growing the ingredients for these products. We are grateful for the enthusiastic crowd of lovely supportive community members who show up year after year at this historical event and take home these delightful products. These events provide some of the structure to what we grow and how we offer them to our local community.


Over the years Camp Joy has also offered apprenticeships to adults each season as well as arranging garden tours and classes for children and school groups. We often also present a varying calendar of workshops and events for both children and adults. We find inspiration through a direct connection with the land, while attaining practical skills which translate that inspiration into action for positive change in our own lives and society as a whole. Camp Joy graduates have gone on to establish other farms and gardens throughout the country and internationally.