Apprenticeship Training Program

Alan Chadwick came to University of CA at Santa Cruz to grow his garden in 1967, the same year Martin Luther King gave his Beyond Vietnam speech at Riverside Church in NYC.

The great value of working with Alan was learning a craft: the actual experience, day by day, of working with plants; propagating them, tending and growing them, harvesting them; their beauty and nutrition and abundance; working with creation and transformation.

Plants give us everything – fresh air to breathe, our food, our materials, our habitat. The tradition of organic gardening is older and deeper than industrial agriculture. It is based in wisdom of careful husbandry of the land. Give back with your careful, thoughtful and sensitive work, with what you give in fertilizations, cultivations and irrigations. Work with natural processes,  the “laws of nature”, hope for the future.

5 Steps:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Goals and objectives
  3. Plan and design
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation

Minimum mastery of these skill sets:

Bed preparation
Cover cropping
Propagation: seed sowing, pricking out
Understanding mixes, seed and transplanting
Seeding and transplanting into garden
Tool maintenance
Irrigation at Camp Joy
Crop planning – food and flowers
Food preservation
CSA planning
Fruit tree management
Harvest and handling
Pest and weed control
Fertility – plant/animal management and health

Develop personal initiative and responsibility
Features/philosophy behind organics
Diversity and sustainability – us too
Balance – work play love learning

Growing Food – providing for
own needs
slowing down
living in appreciation and in tune with natural rhythms
quality and care

Finding a new way to live in a fast and technological world
intuition/inner voice
coming from a place, belonging
co-operation/working together

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