Author: Beth Benjamin

A Poem for Tinker’s Trail – born ?, died 1978

Turning the corner of the new road where earth rose and swelled in other shapes last time I came, I see that someone else has recognized the beauty of the knoll and has the money to own it, the will to change it, the power to destroy. All the bronze madrone limbs lie toppled criss-cross… Read more »

Apples in the Grass, Alas

September… Help! Stop! The season is passing too fast to notice everything. It’s only mid-August as I write this, but summer is aging especially quickly this year since spring rains ended so early. So many months without moisture have caused the maple and other river bottom tree leaves to start yellowing early. Their bright silhouettes… Read more »

Preserving is Beautiful

October 1981 Often people have summed up their summer’s garden experience to me, saying that even if one did not add in the hours of labor, they hardly would have paid the water bill with what they didn’t have to buy at the store. If they had preserved some of that produce in some of… Read more »

A Little Winter Garden Chit-Chat

November 1999… Seems like months ago I was preaching about planting Y2K gardens. I actually took my own advice for a change and my back yard is beautifully boisterous with adolescent winter crops – sown from seed in mid-August which was perhaps a little late for some things, but looking fresh and gorgeous now. I’ve… Read more »

Valley Women’s Club Spring Bulb Fundraiser

Boy, do I hope it’s sunny when you read this! I heard recently that the showery cool weather might go on to July. And on the other hand, any day summer’s heat may descend upon us, and we’ll all blink and wrinkle in the sudden unaccustomed heat and brightness. My two shivering tomato plants are… Read more »

July’s Garden – There is Still Time to Plant

Steamy July is later than backyard gardeners usually think of sowing seeds. You look out at all the telescoping lettuce and spinach and yellow broccoli blossoms and promise yourself to do better next year. Actually, though, this is a great time to plan green beans, summer squash, cucumbers, warm weather herbs like basil and cilantro… Read more »