Category: Poems

Fire, Lake, Facebook

I’m afraid to lift the lid of my computer. Closed, it keeps its news to itself. Opened, hand-sized vine maple leaves might float down with charred edges, no wind, just… Read more »

Water Becoming

Water is only change Still depth in a mountain pool, now a tumble of light and movement slipping over the granite edge crashing downward, blown sideways, making its own weather… Read more »

Vegetable Solace

I am a home gardener in exile, far from my native soil,. I farm in one huge planter long enough to inter both parents end to end, if that were… Read more »

The Lines We Draw

Even after all our careful preparation, planning the perfect home birth: reading, breathing, praying, the baby must come caesarean. We spend hours with the garden fork, crumbling the chocolate soil,… Read more »

Season of the Swarm

Behind the white bucket on which I sit, a beehive is tuning up a whole orchestra of violins. The hum gets louder. The whirling vortex of golden bodies spins faster…. Read more »

Plum Blossom

Again the white foam of plum The clambering spray of clematis along the back fence Seedlings of sweet pea, forgetmenot and columbine, opening its tiny leafy fans. The varied thrush… Read more »

Mating Season at Puddingstone Dam

Blackbird expands his epaulets, puffs up those otherworldly scarlet blazes edged with bright yellow. Brilliant wing patches slash  a window into another technicolor universe. His tiny clawnails grip the stems… Read more »


Goldie, the hen who thinks she is a dog, takes no notice of the checkered rooster, scratches her hidden ear with a stiff tripod foot. Cartilaginous corona jiggles stiffly, necorations… Read more »