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Cucumber Birthday

Today is Wednesday,  the birth day of the cucumbers. Under the netting I see the jade green cotyledons, moist from morning dew, preparing to unfold by afternoon. Born from a dream of trailing vines, yellow starry blossoms, enough bee visits when finally male and female bloom at once. Pollination then pickle fodder in mid-summer. Now… Read more »

Consider the Sunflowers

Hurtling down the highway encased in Volvo and rock n’roll, plucked from the slowly blossoming morning in a sunny garden by urgent appointments ticking impatiently in the coastal fog, I consider the sunflowers. What if I could live as a human helianthus? Accomplishing my purposes without hurry or rush, turning my huge head at the… Read more »

Autumn Soup

I don’t want to drive to the city, march with thousands, listen to speeches, hold a cardboard sign, be on one side or another, feel excited, feel angry, feel righteous, feel deep despair, be right, be wrong, be confused. I just want to make a huge pot of soup on this drizzly day in the… Read more »

And Yet

Once again the town breathes hot and arid panting at the base of a California mountain range that runs from west to east. We pride ourselves on a canopy of trees in a drought stressed landscape, strive to maintain this gentle shady dream. After each rain my heart eases, relaxes its clenched fist. With enough… Read more »

A Poem for Tinker’s Trail – born ?, died 1978

Turning the corner of the new road where earth rose and swelled in other shapes last time I came, I see that someone else has recognized the beauty of the knoll and has the money to own it, the will to change it, the power to destroy. All the bronze madrone limbs lie toppled criss-cross… Read more »