Farm Updates October 2022

Greetings friends and supporters of Camp Joy. We miss you! We realize we’ve been out of touch, seems we have had our heads down working away in our corner of this wild world.

Quietly time has slipped past the fall equinox and we are grateful for the change of seasons. 
Although currently it’s still hot and dry in the afternoons, we know things are shifting and are enjoying the damp mornings and cooler evenings. We hope the shift is treating you well, after the long summer we could all use some rest and fingers crossed rain in our future! 

Fall on the farm has been busy, turning summer crops over & waiting for rain so we can plant more of our fall crops. This will include garlic and lots of fava beans for soil health. We have some leeks and greens transplanted out in our home kitchen garden and are looking forward to pots of soup to nourish ourselves in the winter.

Tending the soil and practicing organic farming techniques is a lifelong and evolving journey, we value the opportunities we have to keep learning. We also welcome opportunities in our community and ways to make our worlds better where we can. We look forward to the future in which we can collaborate again with more of you.

Speaking of which we would like to invite you to the farm for an another rendition of our annual wreath sale event. Pop up style! We’ve adapted to the times, and will plan to gather outdoors.
We imagine it looking similar to our plant sale, near the greenhouse and by the main gate.

We have invited some fellow makers to join us and offer some of their creations for all of our local holiday shopping pleasures! These pop-up events give us an opportunity to directly support those in our communities.

More and more these days we treasure goods made by thoughtful and loving hands, giving gifts with meaning & intention, while supporting local artists.

Please save the date, November 20th 11-3 and join us! More details to follow!

The Camp Joy Family

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