Reminiscences from Camp Joy Apprentice Estelle Fein

Community Based Education and Camp Joy

In the long ago time, when we were first beginning to build our visionary future, three bold teachers—Fred, Tom and Estelle—fell upon the idea that the best way to raise and educate kids was via a wide open, whole world, immersion in their local communities.

We needed willing and enthusiastic partners—-hard to find—but we were eagerly embraced by Camp Joy Gardens

              What could be better?

        Plants and Goats and Children

          Earth, Bees and Roses

            So much to learn

The sweet smell of fertile soil and the organic fruits and vegetables emerging from it

          Pulling weeds, harvesting and cooking

           Digging, naming the plants, learning their use for food or medicine,

communing with Mother Nature and each other, sitting in the arbor,

chatting, eating, visiting

           What could be better?

           Oh yes, our kids had it all

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