Reminiscences from Camp Joy Apprentice Kris Jones

I visited Camp Joy early in high school when Bob was in the tipi. I was there when we put Granny’s ashes in the redwood tree. I remember Fred and Eddie in the crooked house. I remember the blueberries in the west field and the hops on the pole. I remember helping when they were starting to build the new house, on the ground level, Michael, Eddie, Douglas, Jim., watching hammering. Babysitting Leifin at 1 1/2 year old, finding his bottle, laying on the floor with him in the old barn when you guys left (you trusted me with him?). Douglas and I lived in the north loft of the old barn.

Douglas and I came back from Europe and middle East about Bruce’s birthday, March 1972. We checked out Camp Joy and then Mendocino to find a place to live. We came back to Camp Joy and pretty quickly Pancho and Rory went to the traveling circus and we came back to Camp Joy to pack and join. It was Santa Maria where Pancho and I  joined. Got to Pomona and called mom to let them know where I was and soon after we got to San Bernardino, maybe one show and had the event of getting hit in the head. My head injury was May 7, 1972. Went to Claremont for a week or two, then stayed at Camp Joy with Douglas. I remember being asked to double dig a huge (to me) bed in the garden, potato bed, maybe in late or middle summer, and couldn’t handle it: too hot. I was not strong enough for the work. I lived at a friend’s house in Chipmunk Hollow where I made a crooked cheesecake, Glen was his name.

I went to Cabrillo College starting August, 1972, taking the bus and hitch hiking from Camp Joy. I took care of the chickens and goats at Camp Joy over the winter, cared for the milking and fed the chickens and treats for the goats. I started milking Anta with permission from Jim, and the other goat Maya. This was important for my independence and well being. I felt that I was important and part of the team.

I think I have the calendar with my picture milking a goat and I was so happy in my childish way, beaming. I loved it when Elizabeth was there in the Lizard Hut, with flower arrangements for the Camp Joy Cart in town. I remember  Lane.

Later, I lived in Aptos when I went to school until I met Jim Martin at Cabrillo. Then we moved in together. We moved to Stockton about 1975.

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