Reminiscences from Camp Joy Apprentice Linda Suwara, 1971-1974

hi dear camp joy,

I lived in Boulder Creek from 1971 to 1974 and took Bio-dynamic French Intensive gardening classes at Camp Joy during those years with Beth and Jim Nelson! Not sure which year exactly, but became a life-long gardener ever since!

Delighted to say that I am still gardening organically and am writing about food/gardening/cooking in a weekly column at focused on my garden in the Pacific NW, Portland, Oregon.

Mentioning Camp Joy in my current article which will be published on Wednesday “in regards to how my methods have changed since those double-digging How to Grow More Food Than You Thought Possible in Less Space than You Can Imagine (by John Jeavons)” days!! so happy to see that Camp Joy lives on!!!

gratitude, blessings, and best

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