Reminiscences from Camp Joy Apprentice Pat Lovejoy, 1972-1973

I think I was there 72-73, or was it 71-72? Campers there were: Freddie and Eddie, Douglas, Krissy, Michael Stusser, Pancho, Charlie Stern, Susannah, You, Jimmy, Leifin was about 2, Ronnie Ross, Janet, Joey Pereira, Elizabeth, and right before I moved to town, Mary Burke came.

Eddie Nelson made occasional appearances too, and you were seeing Glen. Rory made regular visits and had that old 35 International pickup. Jimmy had a green 52 Dodge pickup we hauled lots of manure and firewood in.

Robbie and I helped Eddie cut the redwood bolts for the crooked house. Robbie and I dug the entire lower field and planted favas in it that year. I think we started the barn then too, and probably the rose arbor. I came back for a guest appearance to Angel Island too. Michael and Robbie and I took off with Michael’s unsolicited Shell gas card and drove his 50 chevy station wagon to Shasta, the Siskyous and to Bridgeport, where we helped Molly in her garden. We came back when Shell canceled the credit card. Robbie lived in the tipi, Michael had a dome and I lived in the loft, Fred and Ed lived in the barn back room. We also tore down the greenhouses on 41st Ave that year. We sure did accomplish a lot between all the swimming and eating.

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