Reminiscences from Camp Joy Apprentice Wendy Krupnick, 1987

It was a difficult year for me, (1987) personally; I think I went to a therapist briefly for the first time that year.

I had been living in the mid-peninsula where I had moved in early 1985 to work with Ros on Cooking from the Garden. I stayed through ’86 still doing some work with Ros and working for Jesse at Late for the Train and growing a market garden for her restaurants. I was burned out on city life and wanted to be immersed in a garden again, so moved to Camp Joy.

Although Camp Joy was wonderful, there were 2 young women there who were very mean to me, (I think one was named Andrea but would not bet on it), and I did not feel completely welcome with anyone there. I was older than the young apprentices, Jim was doing his own thing. I was sad but loved being there.

Yeti was there too; and I see him from time to time here in Sonoma county. I lived in the old barn with bats flying in and out inches above me many nights in the loft. My old friend Martin visited at one point and built a better ladder to get up to the loft, as there had been a pole with pegs to climb up and down on, (as I remember). There was a very funky old Franklin stove for heat and the juice from apple pressing was kept in the old refrigerator there. No one dated the bottles and the old ones left in back slowly fermented and made darn good slightly hard cider! I remember white Saanan goats and Jim’s bee biz buzzing away, with supers coming and honey extraction happening often. Luxurious rose arbors and compost piles throughout the garden. I remember doing my best to make wreaths in the fall, though I’ve never been very good at this. I know I have some snap shots of me at CJ somewhere…..

That summer I started working part time at Renee’s helping Claire with the garden. I also worked at Scopazz’s to make some money. Black and white and hair in a high bun; making Caesar salad, wilted spinach salad and flambe-ing steaks at peoples’ tables. I loved the old wood and stone fireplace, but the experience ended any desire to be a waitress again after doing that job off and on for around 15 years.

As to web sites that relate to my current life:

Thanks for wanting to include me in CJ history! It’s a magical and important place that has been important in so many people’s lives and in the community.

Love,  W

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